logoDonna Anderson, survivor and author at, posted her review of my book today on her site. Here is a brief excerpt:

Escaping the Boy is an easy read that conveys the essence of the crazy-making that is a relationship with a sociopath. The author doesn’t spend a lot of time explaining the technical aspects of the personality disorder, so you’ll need to get that information elsewhere. Rather, she tells a cautionary tale for anyone who has not been involved with a sociopath. And for all of us who have also lived this dreadful experience, she tells a tale that offers us validation.”
~ Donna Anderson,

Follow the hyperlink below to read the full review:

Lovefraud’s Review of: Escaping the Boy: My Life with a Sociopath



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  1. Hi Paula!
    So I started my new blog only I cannot figure out how to read/comment on other blogs without it showing up as Girl for AnimalLiberation. Do I have to log in as my new blog?


  2. Awesome! (Zoe here) We’d be happy to showcase your book on wePoets too!


  3. Thanks! Oh, hey, BTW, I’m about 3/4 way through the book: Women Who Love Psychopaths and there is a particular section of the book that rocked me to my core. Page 146 & 147

    Under the heading: Her Self-Acceptance

    This sentence in particular caused me to take pause because this is exactly what my Ex did to me.

    Excerpt: “A psychopath can effortlessly dismantle a lifelong sense of self that was once strong and positive.”

    Paula, would you believe, in 2011 (while I was still married to him) a friend & co-worker said that to me and I quote: “I won’t blame him 100% but Steve (my ex) had a heavy hand at chipping away at your self-esteem.” and she was RIGHT! He did.

    Also from the that caused me to take pause:

    Page 147 Excerpt:
    “Unfortunately, the psychopath only loves himself and will systematically attempt to annihilate her sense of self-esteem, self-validation, and self-worth.” …”By the end of the relationship, her sense of self is so mangled she can’t remember who she was when she was that strong self-confident woman that others remember her as.”
    Paula, this is EXACTLY what happened to me. I could write a book about how I entered the relationship with him strong and confident and by the end I was insecure about so many things I never used to worry about, like my weight and looks! I was never thin enough for him, no matter how thin I would get, he would want me thinner.

    UGH! I cannot believe I allowed myself to be taken in by this crazy selfish man!


    • It’s okay. You are out now and you know you shouldn’t have stayed as long as you did, but you did. You can’t take back those years, but you have taken back yourself. And you are a wonderful and insightful and intelligent woman! ❤


    • Thanks Paula. It’s funny you mention that because the other day I uttered those same words: I wish I could get those years back!

      What a prick he is. BTW, did you read my post? I have met his new woman, who I affectionately refer to as “Cunning B”. She’s nothing to shake a stick at and she acted like she shits soft serve in 3 flavors.


    • Hehe! I will check it out today. 🙂


    • I fought hard. He should of walk the other way.I am not Myself. And I was were my 2 older boys.Now all i do defend myself. Yet another court case.


  4. Congrats! Speaking of which, can I buy your book on Amazon?


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