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love and fear

You can’t force someone to think the way you think. Besides, why would you want someone to think exactly the way you think? What could you possibly learn?

We become stronger, body, mind and soul, when we welcome people into our lives who have differing opinions than our own. Not rejecting them but truly welcoming them, no strings attached, no expectations and no demands.

This is acting with love.

When we act with love, we have a greater chance of influencing positive change in ourselves, in others and eventually in our communities.

If someone is judging you or calling you names like lost, ignorant or stupid just because your opinion differs from theirs, they aren’t listening to you. They are only listening to themselves and what you are NOT saying rather than what you are saying.

They are acting from fear; not love.

Next time someone you meet out in the real world or on FB has a differing opinion from your own, instead of trying to convince that person to think as you think, accept them and then start asking careful questions. Ask why they feel the way they feel. Tell them why you feel as you feel. Many won’t feel comfortable with this type of conversation. That’s okay. Back away and allow that person their opinion. Don’t force your righteousness down their throat.

And please…please, please, please think twice before you start judging someone and their intelligence just because they don’t believe as you believe. A lifetime went into their beliefs. Respect that.

Act with love not with fear. And if you keep saying to yourself, “But I’m not afraid of anything or anyone.” You’re lying to yourself.

Happy Sunday! Namaste!
~ Paula

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  1. I love the line- A lifetime when into their beliefs. Respect that.
    So very, very true.


  2. Thank you, Paula. I needed this advice last night. 😉


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