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toilet flowers(Warning: This post may cause gas.)

Don’t misinterpret the sociopath’s ability to manipulate and demean you as a skill.

A skill is something we’re taught and we learn. The sociopath was born with this ability.

Harming and hurting individuals is his nature, and he does it with the same ease he pisses and shits. And like a bowel movement, there is no need for him to tap into empathy, remorse or his phantom conscience:

“Ahhh! That felt good. Now let me wash my hands really, really good. Can’t have any remnants of THAT left in my world.”

Ask yourself this the next time you use the toilet:

“How much guilt and remorse do I feel after I relieve myself and flush?”

Surely, you’ll answer, “None!” (Heck, if you didn’t eliminate that crap, it would have caused serious bloat and painful pressure. Ouch! Who needs that?)

And this is exactly how the sociopath views everyone who no longer serves him: we are just excess bloat and pressure. He releases and flushes us out of his life as if we never existed. So easy. No skills required.

I WISH I could do that. I WISH it were that easy for all of us non-sociopaths to reciprocate and let out two farts for every one of theirs. But we can’t. Neither my conscience nor your conscience allows us to throw people away that easily.

Be relieved by this news. (Yes, I said that.) It speaks to your ability to love. But know that we are at least able to eliminate the toxic, sociopathic crap he fed us a little bit at a time. We do this by learning and perfecting the skills of thoughtful introspection and mindful self-love.

So practice some mindfulness and self-love the next time you find yourself on the toilet. Imagine that along with today’s breakfast or last night’s dinner, you’re also ridding your body and mind of the toxins the sociopath brought to your life.

Enjoy the release and flush all that sociopathic nonsense down the toilet. One day you will emerge and blossom a whole new you!

~ Paula

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  1. You’re such a great writer with your sense of humor! Glad I found your blog – site!


    • I’m glad you found it, too! Thank you, Bee. I’m getting caught up in all of your comments. And I am in the middle of a great book I think you may really find enlightening: “Carnal Abuse by Deceit.” Have you heard of it?


    • I haven’t but I just checked it out and am going to Kindle it! Thanks!!


  2. Most of us cannot fathom a human mind without a conscience. Your brilliant analogy makes it graspable.


  3. Haha! The toilet meditation is hilarious… Will do. 🙂


  4. Hilarious….and oh so true! I’ll try this today!


  5. Paula your sense of humor is so refreshing—-lol




  6. Hilarious!!! Thanks.


  7. Just wish it were that easy. Sue West


  8. Yay Paula, Spot on again!
    Purge, Purge, Purge & flush those Socs back to the sewers that they come from!
    After what we’ve been subjected too what’s a bit of toilet humour.
    More power to you all & lets’ all flush with purpose in order to rid ourselves of all the Soc crap!
    Flush & move forward ;0) Yippee!


  9. Well, that was certainly a colorful post! I’ve never thought of it in quote those terms! LOL. Now if I could just release the images it inspires in my head! Thank you for sharing!


  10. Good, positive words… But not all sociopaths are ‘he’. Just saying! I mean, my female boss I’m suspecting…

    Like the picture 🙂


  11. love it!
    perfect way to tell it like it is…elimination gets rid of all toxins


  12. Reblogged this on Ladywithatruck's Blog and commented:
    A great analogy from Paula!


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