Mind Control – These fools are masters of it because it’s their default. Without the ability to empathize, they can keep this game going forever because it does not affect their brains. You feel crazed in the midst of the game; the sociopath is energized and feels quite normal. The simple fact is that recent studies have shown that Sociopaths have less grey matter present in their frontal lobe, the area of the brain healthy and normal people use to reason and process empathy and all of our emotions. Simply stated: sociopaths feel nothing because they aren’t capable of feeling anything due to their brain disorder. So give up trying to fix your relationship; it’s not a relationship problem and it’s not your problem. It’s the sociopath’s problem. Period.

Dating a Sociopath


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Feeling drained? Feeling tired? Feeling exhausted? Worn out? This is likely because you have been affected by Sociopathic mind control.

The sociopath has the ability to, after assessing you, to find out what it is that you want and need, to tune into you and hypnotise you. You might wonder why you are feeling so exhausted, and wiped out. It is because you are being controlled through your mind.

How does the sociopath do this?

  1. Talking non stop sometimes at 100 miles an hour, which doesn’t give you time to think, you will lose your own thoughts and focus instead solely on the Sociopath
  2. Constant deflection
  3. Feeding you a false illusion, and when you challenge this, telling you that this is ‘all in your mind’ – gaslighting
  4. Mirroring you – repeating back to you information that you have already shared, so that you feel that ‘special…

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  1. My ex would always say “Forgive? Why?! When I’m finished with someone they no longer exist in MY world”…wow…. did his narcissistic sociopath self say a mouthful!!! I wish I had found this blog years ago when I was trying to be the peacemaker in a family that was never going to work! God bless you Paula for waking all of us up! Little did I know at the time I was the next someone he would be referring to!


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  3. You know Paula, I think you could swap the words “mass media” into all these detailed descriptions and it would apply in macro, so to speak. Thank you for keeping our minds ever wary of consumptive entities in our midst. They do exist from a massive scale beyond what most can bear to comprehend. We fend off parasites within us too every day of our lives. Few we meet will refrain from taking all we are willing to give them. It is always up to us to have boundaries in this regard. A big shout out of thanks to all those sociopathic bosses, political leaders, photographers, boy and girlfriends, parents, etc. for teaching us to grow up and learn best we can to know how to stop giving too much of ourselves to the many people who will take more from us than is in our best interest, whether it be a life-long condition of vampirism or just some poor sap’s tired, hungry moment in the gutter. May we become stronger and ever more conscious, that the charms of predators never fool us. May we never invite them in for any sparkling, empty shells they call promises.


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