There is nothing more annoying and frustrating than to be called “crazy” when all you ever did was put up with someone who was the real “crazy” one. (But don’t forget–they’ll say the same about you. Accept it.)

Dating a Sociopath

The first thing that we need to get straight, is that YOU are not the crazy one. You might be reading this, and feel, ‘how could I have let this happen to me?’

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Sociopaths and Psychopaths are truly crazy. And if you spend too much time, they will convince you that YOU are the crazy one. When you get time away from the sociopath, after the heartache has gone, and the fog and cloud begins to leave your head, and you start to detach from the control, and lies, and deception, you hit a place called reality. Often you haven’t been in reality for a long time. At first, reality can be a painful space.

Space is a good word, that empty space. Within that space was the illusion in your head, that you were fed, that consisted only of lies and deception. When you are with the sociopath, they…

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  1. Thanks Paula, its not only the convincing you that you are crazy, its how many hours you have to spend trying to convince them that you are NOT all the things that you are being accused of (which is usually all the things that they are guilty of themselves), so you spend ages, defending yourself. Not realising that it is all a load of nonsense, mind games, control, and illusion. It is mind control and pscychological abuse, absolutely exhausting.I needed to be away from it completely, to go back to it, and watch it in action… (felt like slow motion)… increasing need for control, absolute nonsense, controlling, lies, making you feel bad about yourself and others, and I thought wow, I have had none of this in my life…. no contact and the healing space, is such a good place to be. Thanks for sharing!! 🙂


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