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Teaching Yoga to Children – Harmful or Beneficial?

Will the religious roots of yoga prohibit it from becoming part of the health and wellness of children’s public education in the United States?

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  1. I will say that this is not about religion; it’s about spirituality. If you take yoga on the basis that it is a way to calm your mind, body and soul and bring those three into union in peace and tranquility, you are fooling yourselves. Only God can give you calm and peace in your mind, body and spirit. Only God. It has nothing to do with religion. It has to do with your soul.


  2. Amazing what the naysayers are missing if they’d just try it out for themselves. There doesn’t have to be any religion to it, and they will never find out how great yoga could be for them and their children’s well-being. It’s their loss!


  3. sure…
    let’s just continue on with NOT teaching our children how to take care of themselves, how NOT to learn how to breath, how NOT to learn how to deal with stress and release it, how NOT to learn about the value of exercise and sitting quietly.


  4. There s a case playing out here in Encinitas over that. A local yoga center started teaching yoga in our schools and some parents filed suit saying it was religious indoctrination. According to the yoga center there was no mention of religion in the free yoga class, just exercise. I hope that since this yoga is so popular in our community the case will end and kids can keep receiving the exercise.

    I do yoga stretches every morning and know nothing about the religious side of it. I stretch because it feels great!


  5. We can only hope that at some point in society those with open minds will outnumber those with closed up minds……


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