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yoga poseYoga! What is yoga and how can it help you?

I refer to yoga a lot. I have only been practicing yoga for 19 months. I began in October 2011 with a single goal–to heal my knee. I had been living with a bum knee since a car accident in 2002. Nine years of chronic pain was long enough, I thought, and I really wanted to avoid surgery. (I hate the idea of being cut open.)

I read and researched various therapy techniques and approaches to healing the type of injury I had sustained. I finally stumbled on a few testimonials from folks who had tried Bikram yoga.

Well, what do you know!? There was a Bikram studio just around the corner from my home, a studio I had passed many, many times and had never given a second thought.

I walked in one day, talked to the owner and signed up. The studio offered a deal for beginners: $20 for unlimited classes your first 7 days.

Being the skeptical, stubborn and determined person I am, I took 6 classes my first 7 days and couldn’t believe the results!

Not only did I heal my knee, I also realized that my overall health and well-being was getting healed along the way.

My mental and emotional health didn’t miraculously change in those first 7 days of practice. Not even close. It took about 6 months of dedicated attendance before I could feel, really feel, myself becoming a more focused, patient and life-loving person.

Yoga taught me how to listen to my breath, which led to listening to my heart.

(The following list of benefits was taken from this page:

A disciplined pracitce of yoga brings transformative effects:

Strengthens the body
Focuses the mind
Boosts serotonin levels
Decreases anxiety, depression and fear
Improves sleep
Enhances the immune system
Stabilizes blood sugar levels
Releases muscle tension
Prevents premature aging and illnesses

Yoga is the portal to preventative healthcare and a long healthy fulfilling life.

Remember, you don’t have to be flexible to benefit from yoga. Yoga is not a religion and isn’t intended to replace your current spiritual path. Yoga is meant to supplement whatever path you are on.


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  1. I love my yoga! it’s isn’t about being that ‘perfect body or picture’, its ALL ABOUT YOU! What you can do and how you do it! I’m started with Kripala yoga and now do Ashtanga yoga (10 years)! If you keep going you will be surprised and amazed what happens to you, physically, emotionally, mentally, spirituality. I do 2 weekly classes plus. It is my priority…in fact…it’s time to ready.


  2. This is a wonderful testament to the power of your practice. Unfortunately, many people have the mistaken notion you have to go into yoga being super talented with so many super yogini pictures scaring them away from it. Anyone can do yoga, as you say, starting at the level meant for her/him.

    I haven’t been to the chiropractor in four years, and with yoga I hope to never go back!


    • That’s great news, Katy! I was completely clueless about yoga and had zero expectations, regardless of the convincing testimonials I had read. I’m glad I took that leap of faith. I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. At least that’s how I looked at it. 😦


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