fake emotionsSociopaths are not human like the rest of us. How can we justify calling sociopaths part of human nature when they lack a conscience and are incapable of demonstrating and feeling real empathy or remorse?

We can’t.

Sociopaths are primitive, unevolved and act on primitive survival skills like wild animals. Sociopaths are the Homo sapiens equivalent of reptilian snakes with one goal, and that one goal is survival at all costs, any cost.

The sociopath’s first step toward survival is convincing us human beings, we evolved Homo sapiens, that the sociopath is also a human being.

The sociopath must SEEM like one of us.

To seem like one of us all the sociopath has to do is watch us. The sociopath’s survival skills are easily fine-tuned, because we evolved Homo sapiens give the sociopaths everything they need and often.

We are great models. We are so good at being human beings. We are breathtaking to the sociopath. Utterly breathtaking!

We shine and shimmer. No wonder sociopaths use superlatives to describe us. To sociopaths, we are unique and absolutely fascinating, because we are so unlike the sociopaths.

The single, most important characteristic of human beings that the sociopath must be able to mimic is also the most impossible for human beings to hide–our emotions!

Unfortunately, our emotions give us away every time.

(Shame on us for being human beings! Shame on us!)

We show an emotion, and the sociopath copies it. Bam! Just like that; no rehearsal needed. It’s so easy!

Who would ever suspect a sociopath’s emotions are actually deceptions in disguise? No one.

And boy does the sociopath show emotions! Especially in the beginning. The sociopath goes overboard with emotions. He exaggerates emotions, and if we were smart, we’d be able to interpret these over dramatizations of emotions as insulting and unworthy of our time.

(Actors over dramatize. And sociopaths are great actors, don’t forget.)

Sociopaths show emotion, after emotion during the initial phase of hooking us. In this phase, sociopaths mimic emotions in order to suggest that they have a conscience. They especially like mimicking the emotions that beg us to take notice and help them or save them, at the same time pretending to care about our feelings.

Martha Stout, author of The Sociopath Next Door, believes that the biggest give-away sociopaths offer us is their quest for pity. I agree with Stout’s observation and conclusion. I have come to believe that people who need our pity and support, never ask for it. Those who ask for it, don’t deserve it.

The sociopath is forever needy of our support and pity. That’s why he must perfect his ability to mock our emotions. And it is a mockery, don’t forget.

There is no substance to the sociopath’s display. How do we know? How can we know?

All we have to do is ask the sociopath in the middle of one of his crying fits why he is crying. He’ll say something like the following but it will come out like a question,

“Because I’m supposed to be crying when I talk about this?”

(Oh, no! That’s not why you’re crying, Buddy. And I’m not going to give you the right answer, either. TRY to figure out why human beings cry. Go ahead. Just try.)

Once we start seeing through their facade, their mask, we, the non-pathologicals, are crucified and unjustly perceived as the enemy in their eyes. The enemy because we are human and have hopes, dreams and empathy and can spot a fake from a mile away. Ten miles away!

We are the enemy, because we expose them for the empty creatures they are. We’ve lifted the mask, and they hate that. They really hate that.



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  1. If that’s what you “personally” think that that shows how ignorant and unqualified you are to write anything about the human psyche. You’re the one who’s not human for singling out individuals for matters of biology and genetics. What makes you any different than any early age Hitler? Like I said open your selfish clouded eyes and look at this world in more than a narcissistic way than you so clearly do.


  2. So you’re saying people with disorders are not human? Does that include people with downs syndrome, autism, depression, manic depression, dissociative disorder, anxiety, OCD and borderline personality disorder which have all been linked to causal by physical or mental abuse? Do some research before you make a blasphemous and dimwitted attempt at logic that makes you look foolish.


  3. You writing this and demeaning sociopaths is equivalent to saying children with down syndrome are not human. We did not ask to be like this, we did not ask to be put onto this pathetic earth, it is simply a matter of nature vs nature. I am sorry if you can’t understand the ethics and logic of where I’m coming from, but open your eyes to what’s around you. You’re showing more socipathic and histrionic traits by what you’ve said about people with antisocial personality disorder (sociopath) than what I do in an entire day. You are the kind of person that makes me sick of humanity and dreadful of the future.


    • If my post bothers you so much and offends your “ethics”, don’t fucking read it. How’s that for demonstrating my best sociopathic and histrionic traits? I learned from the best models. Thanks.


  4. Hi

    I’m a sociopath, and while you are right on alot of things. You are wrong about alot too, emotions , while i dont and never will completely know what they are, come naturally, just less strong.
    Most of the time my mind registers when i should cry or smile, and I’ll do it sub consciously .

    Also, why expose me? I do what i do, i dont want to kill you or rape you. Just leave me be.
    I do my best to fit in, why bother me?

    This post feels like you are on a witch hunt for people who are different.


    • No one is exposing you. You exposed yourself. I just write what I see. Non-sociopaths are waking up to people like you and don’t like what we see. So get used to it, anon.


  5. Lol what sort of airheaded individual wrote this?


  6. If you truly knew anything about sociopaths, you’d know that most sociopaths are quite the intellectual being. You consider human beings to be “superior,” where wars are being fought amongst themselves day-in and day-out—murders, rapes, and starvation occur on a daily basis across the world. Being superior would require the ability to use more of the human brain than the 5% of the brain that the majority of human beings use. Although sociopaths lack emotion, it’s mainly because humans do not require emotions to survive. In all honesty, emotions are the main cause of chaos. Whether it’s greed, jealousy, even love. You fight to protect your loved ones, rather than accept those who are different than you or have different beliefs. Diversity derives from emotion. If you believe someone different, you give birth to opinion, which then, in time, leads to judgement. All of these are emotions. Some positive, some negative; one does not exist without the other, though. And, I could go on and on about human stupidity. I’d even be able to write a book about it (I’m a writer), but I’d rather not be burned at the stake by the ignorance of people. People fear what they do not know. And people do not know what a sociopath truly is. So they fear them. And they begin to judge, and form an opinion, while a sociopath emulates the emotion of said person. Sociopaths may be smart, but they can’t help but imitate the emotions and thoughts of other humans, which forces them to lower their mentality to accommodate the mind and emotions of the people that surround them. Either way, that makes both the normal human being and the sociopath primitive, and not so different after all, coming from a psychological view.


    • Sociopaths illicit the most base emotions from people (greed, jealousy, fear, hate) because sociopaths are base, not intelligent. And healthy emotions don’t cause chaos. Healthy emotions are the sources of great joy and creation.


    • Look my friend, if you are a sociopath then you have a problem. You would only understand it if you one day would become a human. And yes, you are inferior to normal human beings even though you are trying to convince yourself otherwise. Most of you sociopaths are downright evil. Cheers.
      A normal human being.


  7. The author of this article is clearly a thoughtless, self-centered sociopath narcissist.


    • Anonymous, it’s not healthy or productive for you to talk so self-destructively about yourself in the third person. You might want to talk to a professional about your condition. Thanks! 🙂


  8. The author of this article is clearly a sociopath.


  9. Don’t compliment yourself too much. Yes, you have emotions but that’s your weakness. Your entry is very biased and believe me I don’t see empaths as unique, breathtaking or fascinating. I guess what you think about sociopaths is up to you, but don’t make assumptions on how other people reason if you don’t know that.


    • And what you think about empaths is up to you. Thanks for your comment.


    • That’s true. My thoughts about empaths are also up to me. I didn’t mean to offend you, I was expressing my thoughts. Since we can’t accurately know how each other feels. Anyways Paula, nice blog.


  10. *sigh, this is what we sociopaths have to deal with. Many bad apples spoil the bunch for sure. I myself am a sociopath, pro-social, to be sure; and am starting my Master’s of Psychology in a few days. It will be the focus of my thesis in one way or another. If you haven’t already, I encourage you to look into the work of Dr. James Fallon. He is doing great things. I would welcome correspondence. Over-coming the empathy deficit is challenging, much harder than tackling alcoholism (you know us and our penchant for substance abuse.) My ultimate goal is not only address sociopathy from the standpoint of evolutionary psychology, but to also develop treatment strategies with emphasis on using the sociopath’s natural talent for impassivity and transforming it into an objective perspective; so necessary for insight into our own condition; so that the importance of human relationships may be realized.


  11. hey Paula are you ever in the Florida area it’d be great to meet you in person? do you ever do public speaking?


    • Hey, Steve! As a matter of fact, I am tentatively scheduled to do my first public-speaking engagement next month in the DC area. I hope it will be the first of many. Where in Florida are you located?


  12. until you live with a psychopath anonymous you will never understand I read Paula’s blog and Donna Anderson’s blog love fraud they are so dead on an accurate and maybe anonymous you should pull your head out of your ass H helped me a great deal to understand this personality disorder

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  13. I am a sociopath and an extreme introvert. Most of what you said is true. I faked emotions in my relationships and simply could not care about their problems. Pretend so long but it would always show through. They all ended because of my psychoticness. Its not like we all like it. I wish I had empathy and emotion. but I don’t. Really sad thing about it is that medicine can’t fix it. I’ve tried many different types.calling us not human makes you just as bad. Judging people things that cannot control because they have a fucked up brain. would you yell at a mentally retarded person when they can’t possibly understand what they’re doing. Understandably a sociopath knows what they’re doing and frankly gets off on. We have fucked up brains. I always will apologize for my behavior if I truly hurt someone even though I don’t mean it. I don’t want to be like this we just have no choice.


    • Since you know you will inevitably hurt someone and everyone, why not stay away from people? THAT is the choice you never make. THAT is why you deserve zero sympathy or empathy from me. And to compare yourself to a person with Down’s Syndrome just to get people to stop picking on you, you poor baby, is a little disturbing, don’t ya think? You’ve landed on the wrong blog if you expect me to serve you cake at your pity party. Pfft!


  14. Isnt it is fascinating how easy it is to spot the psychopath comment? LOL!!!! Just got a whirlwind education from one… and everytime i see a foulmouthed response… I KNOW ITS ONE OF THEM. They are just so pathetic.


  15. Overall good article, Paula, but I’d like to question the validity of this part that you wrote: “people who need our pity and support, never ask for it. Those who ask for it, don’t deserve it.”

    I disagree with this. Victims and survivors have to learn to ask for support since no one can read our minds. I think some generalizations can go too far. I am open to giving direct support when people ask me for it. I would much rather prefer that than getting hints.

    As a person who’s healed from a previous relationship with a sociopath, I’ve had to learn to respect my empathy and boundaries by not trying to rescue others. Therefore, people who are silent about their need for support are short-changing themselves. Why should others have to “pull teeth” to get people to open up about what they may need from us? It puts the burden where it does not belong, and many people who fail to seek help then go into a pity party by saying their friends were not willing to assist them. But they need to take the risk, reach out and ask for help.

    To me the distinction with sociopaths and pity plays comes down to them always blaming others and not seeking solutions that involve both personal responsibility as well as support from others.


    • Ironically, you agree with the comment even though you write that you disagree.

      In general, the real victims who need the help and support of empathic individuals get stepped over by the pushy pathological people who don’t think twice about crying and asking for pity. The statement isn’t as much about what should be happening as it about the travesty of what actually IS happening. The real victims don’t speak up soon enough. It’s why sociopaths look like the victims in the majority of cases…until the real victims finally speak up.

      And I think most of us do tend to pity first (Thank goodness I’m not going through that. Poor woman.) and then we turn on the empathy and use our compassion to find solutions and ways to help the real victims who don’t expect or want our pity, just our understanding.

      So I think you and I are on the same page with this one. 🙂


  16. Don’t be fucking stupid. “The sociopath’s first step toward survival is convincing us human beings, we evolved Homo sapiens, that the sociopath is also a human being.”

    As if people spend all day trying to make themselves liable to your fat ass. Nobody acts like this; you’ve been watching way to many movies and dramatic documentaries. Go check on your husband cause he’s probably fucking someone else than your delusional, uneducated self.


  17. I had an experience with an ex when first met,of the above, bizarre.I said how it was especially difficult having my Father in hospital (triple heart bypass) and no partner to support me and being an Only Child so no sibling support.He, usually sharp and quick of the mark in conversation paused and said ‘So….you wouldn’t be upset about your Dad if you had a partner?’ At the time I thought he was having a hungover/stupid moment but looking back that’s such a basic emotional thing to grasp, it mirrors this primitive nature you discuss above.


    • That is very twisted and definitely a conclusion drawn without an emotional understanding of what you described…or attempted to describe. 🙂


  18. perfect example of an uninformed, exaggerated, biased, overemotional article lacking any credibility. thank you for the laugh! it seems to me like you are intentionally displaying how uneducated you are (:


  19. You are an obsessed fool.


  20. This is Awesome!


  21. LOL! GREAT post, Paula!


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