Lady with a Truck Go Fund Me!!When I started actively writing my blog and story about a year ago, I stumbled upon another blogger “Lady With a Truck.”

She shared her story of a 10-year pathological love relationship and the struggles she faced with understanding it and moving forward. I was not able to read her story when I first found it. Her words and experiences and descriptions were too close to my own. Her voice sounded like my voice. I saw too much of myself in her story, and I wasn’t emotionally equipped to religiously follow her posts and support her.

Nearly 10 months passed and I found myself creeping over to her blog, dipping my toe into her posts and story again. I commented quietly (if that’s even a possibility online) and lurked about reading and digesting her story that I had left behind months before.

Lady with a Truck, also known as Carrie, reciprocated in kind and started following and commenting on my blog. A bond and friendship was forming, even though limited and virtual.

Last week, Carrie alerted her readers to a possible setback in her long and hard fought struggle to get back on her feet.

And the issues were all financial.

Financial issues are a burden but a necessary evil in this life. I reached out to her and suggested she start a Go Fund Me campaign. Another amazing and inspirational blogger One Hot Mess(age) had opened one just a couple months ago and with great success! There is no shame in asking for help when we really need it, and I hoped Carrie would ask.

And she has!

Please consider supporting Carrie. Read Lady With a Truck blog.

She is a fighter. She is a hard worker. She is self-sustaining in many ways.

But even the toughest among us need outside assistance every once in a while.

Make your donation today! Help her save her truck and her home. 

Namaste! ~Paula

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  1. My heart goes out to her, is there a way to do it through paypal?


  2. Thank you, Paula…and thank you again! Lady with a Truck, I will be praying for you and making a donation if they take PayPal. Thanks to the many kind people who helped me, my son and I are in a new home and not homeless, and my car will be fixed soon, I hope! Xoxo


  3. Paula, you did it again, tears streaming down my face. dang! gonna have to redo my makeup again. Thank you for your support and Abilitytolove, thank you so much for your words of encouragement they mean the world to me.
    I am so blessed in so many ways, God has worked miracles in my life before and I pray he will again. Just knowing people care makes all the difference, I don’t feel alone.


    • You deserve so much, Carrie! And everyone who supports you is here because of the efforts you have made to invite us into your life. XOXO


  4. Paula, when you have the link, please send. I’ll add it to my links on my blog roll with a brief post. 🙂


  5. I wish her well in keeping her truck and home. I wish I could contribute, but am facing homelessness in the near future, so it comes down trust in God for me for everything.

    This is the most gut wrenching part of supporting for me.In the last two years, I’ve met with survivors who were not only devastated emotionally, but had lost everything and were homeless, sick and disabled from the experience and if they were fortunate enough, living with family and friends. Yet still they inspire because through the loss of all they had, they continued their recoveries, believing that they could salvage what was left of their dignity and in walking in grace with absolutely nothing.

    Lady with a truck- I understand how frightening this must be for you and the anxiety it causes. I wish I were in a position to help you. Unfortunately, all I can do is add prayers for your situation in that you will have enough to save what you fear in losing. You are very lucky to have what you have, and it’s my hope for you, unlike many more survivors, that you are able to keep what you’ve worked so hard for and that you’ll not suffer anymore loss. Please know that I care and I’d be happy to put a link on my blog to help you with the GoFundMe effort. A friend of mine utilized this site to help me get surgery for my pet companion who would have died without it. He is alive today because of generous contributions. I hope this will be your outcome too. 🙂


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