Women Who Love Psychopaths Cover by Sandra L. Brown

Women Who Love Psychopaths Cover by Sandra L. BrownWhen I come across another blogger or author or advocate who is actively bringing awareness to others about pathology, psychopaths, relational harm, abuse, recovery and healing on a regular and frequent basis, I share my discovery. I re-blog or re-tweet or write a Facebook status update on my book page dedicated to that person or organization.

For several months, I have been highly influenced and motivated by the work and research of:

The Institute for Relational Harm Reduction and Public Psychopathy Education (The Institute)

Sandra L. BrownThe Institute is lead by CEO and founder, Sandra L. Brown, M.A. Sandra has over 25 years of experience as a psychoanalyst and has written several books, including Women Who Love Psychopaths and How to Spot a Dangerous ManRead Sandra’s full bio...

Sandra’s partner at The Institute is Jennifer Young, LMHC. Jennifer’s career spans more than 19 years. Read Jennifer’s full bio

The following is taken from The Institute’s website:

The Institute is a rapidly growing body of people seeking to impact public education surrounding issues related to pathology, personality disorders, and psychopathy.

This growing body are survivors—women, men and their children who have sustained psychological injury because of someone else’s pathology. The only way to give meaning to the horror they lived is to find a ‘voice’ from which they teach others.

I recommend:

Namaste! ~Paula

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  1. I do not trust Sandra Brown, as she is associated with and recommended by the leader of a ufo type of cult, someone with a questionable character herself.


  2. […] and Public Pathology Education for free and low-cost therapy and recovery assistance.  Founder, Sandra L. Brown, has over 25 years of experience as a psychoanalyst with expert knowledge and understanding of […]


  3. Women who love psychopaths was the first book I read post-P. It changed my life and saved me from months of despondecy believing. It was my fault. HIS photo should have been on cover, he’s a textbook psychopath. I believe sandra and this book saved me.


  4. Thanks for the information!


  5. Thank you for pushing me to expand my summer reading. Can’t wait to gain Sandra Brown’s perspective. 🙂


  6. This was the first book I read where the dots connected perfectly. I’ve done a review on it on my blog. My book is highlighted and quite battered.

    I read it over and over again.

    There are articles Sandra has written on the website. Excellent and informative, she has been my mentor. I appreciate her work and invaluable insights that contributed greatly, not only to my continued recovery, but also a great influence in doing what I do today.


  7. OMG Paula! I am so behind in my personal email. I have been meaning to email you to tell you I have been reading this book. Holy SHIT! What an eye opener. I cannot wait to show it to my therapist on Saturday. Thank you for recommending it. 🙂


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