This happens even when you are the one who leaves the sociopath. You begin to feel guilty and have the false idea that you can still be friends. WRONG!! He will say he wants to be friends if you are the one who left. But once he gets a new victim, you will be chopped liver and a sad and pathetic excuse for a human. You left him, right? You did him a favor by leaving. He’s just upset with himself for putting up with you for so long. Either way, the no contact rule is vital. I wish I had known about it sooner. 🙂

Dating a Sociopath

You know that the ending with a sociopath is almost always painful. Often they will discard without warning. They had been planning their escape behind your back, and it often comes as a shock to your system.  To your face, they were most likely smiling at you with kind eyes, often (if they are charismatic) right to the very end, behind your back was another story.

After sudden discard, you are left with a lot of emotions, and questions, which you might find difficult to process without answers, or understanding of what has happened and why.

It might be tempting to pick up the phone, call or text the sociopath, or to send an email. Just to ask for clarification, to take that searing pain away inside of you. DON’T!!! DO NOT BREAK NO CONTACT!!!


The sad truth, is that if you do this, you will only face more pain…

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  1. yes, they come in all kinds of relationships…mine a birth sibling placed into adoption (upon the death of our mother) that we siblings found! the only thing ‘everyone’ in the family found was a monster!


  2. Be prepared to seek grief counseling if the sociopath winds up being your mother.


    • Oh, Angela. Great point! We often neglect to mention that sociopaths aren’t just romantic partners. They can be our relatives, even our very own mothers or fathers. XOXO


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