Baby Talk - It's what's for babies!

Baby Talk - It's what's for babies!Does/Did the narcissistic sociopath in your life use baby talk?

I have been comparing notes with a few fellow survivors. It seems I’ve been overlooking the annoying and persistent habit of the narcissistic sociopath’s use of baby talk! (It was creepy enough that I’m sure it’s my sub-conscience protecting me.)

The boy in my story always pulled out the baby talk when he wanted something. He was a needy bastard (probably like the sociopath in your life, huh?).

Baby talk disarms us. It’s condescending and disrespectful. It’s not meant to soothe (like with real babies).

Baby talk is used to put us in our place.

Exhibit A (There are many other examples, but this one sticks out today):

The sociopath used baby talk on my son who was far from being a baby at 5-years-old.

My son responded to it with, “Why are you talking to me with that voice? I’m not a baby. Please stop it, Wooben?” (My son had a cute way of pronouncing his Rs.)

Would ‘Wooben’ stop?

Fuck no! The douche would speak with an even higher-pitched and more annoying voice and proceed to call my son a “baby” and a “midget” and a “momma’s boy.” The sociopath would get directly in my son’s face and follow him if my son tried walking away from the idiot.

What was the result?

My son cried. My son’s behavior resembled the “baby” the sociopath wanted my son to be.

The sociopath would respond to my son’s crying with, “See! You are a baby.”

This is abuse. This is sick and twisted behavior. Don’t put up with it, especially if you have children repeatedly subjected to the sociopath.


Image note: That’s my adorable niece who I love talking baby talk to. Why? Because she’s a baby and that’s what babies like. 🙂

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  1. He does it to our 3-year-old, even when I told him that I would rather speak to her most of the time, once she began talking, like a child but not a baby. She has always had an extraordinary vocabulary, but then he comes over and says “Want to eat eat num nums?” if it is meal time, or “I wuv da bebe, you go night night now.” SHE doesn’t even talk like that, and she just turned 3. Thank goodness he only sees her once a week for a few hours at my house (he has no license… 3 DUIs were all someone else’s fault, and the DMV is “bullying” him by not giving it back).


  2. The one I was with would ask me, “Are you hungee?” if he wanted to go out and eat and before we left to go somewhere he would ask “Do you need to go potty?” said in the kind of voice you would use on a toddler.


  3. Hi there Paula! Spread Information has awarded you a Shine On Award. Congratulations and may you continue to SHINE!! Details and your award can be found here:


  4. God I hated just reading this. Not because of you, but it brings back horrible memories. Your poor boy. I hug you tight for finding the strength to break the cycle. Hugs Paula. Xxxxxxoooo


  5. You know I totally forgot the father did this until I read it here. It is creepy. I’m with Becki and Mel here too!


  6. oh gods!!
    had a couple of ‘dates’ that did that crap to me…sweetly baby-talk…never saw them again! I wanted an adult not a baby!
    and it didn’t happen to my kids, they wouldn’t have allowed it themselves actually! but then again they didn’t have much access to other men except their father and then step-father and as a mother I wasn’t too fond of the hanging on or smothering or babytalk…


  7. OMG! My N would sing to me in the tune of Tammy Wynette’s song “The happiest girl in the whole USA”. Except he would baby talk it and sing “You da most booootiful jerl in da whole ooooniverse!” It drove me crazy exspecially when he did it in public! I got tired of being totally controlled and drug all over the U.S. in a tractor trailer so when my daughter started having complications with her pregnancy, it was time for me to put a stop to it. So when he couldn’t control me any longer he DUMPED me and went back to his ex who loves his drama and childish ways.
    Oh he would even get mad it me when I would start my period! Like I had some kinda secret period control conspiracy going!!
    Thanks for all your educational reading and information that has really helped me move on. I’m starting to like me and I thank you and all your other followers for the encouragement!
    God bless you all!


  8. Donkey calls the kids “toddlers” even though they are 5 & 3 and haven’t toddled for years. They are the sick babies, incapable of seeing that everyone else has matured beyond the self-centered age of 2.


  9. I am not a violent person … But I would actually like to kick him in the face.


    • Oh, Becki, I wanted to poke his eyes out with a fork. I knew when I started having visions of hurting him that I needed to get out. It’s beyond just being annoyed by a person’s quirks. This BS negatively affected everyone within earshot. Hehe! Kick him and then beat him with a stick. See how he likes it. 🙂


    • I really like the fork idea too.


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