Check yourself - Paula CarrasquilloKnowing the traits of the Narcissistic Sociopath helps us temper our own bad behavior.

We can easily and quickly check off all of the standard traits of narcissistic sociopaths that match the behavior of the sociopath in our lives. These behaviors permeate the sociopath. They are the default behaviors of the sociopath. They are the behaviors that can never be fixed.

But even the non-pathological among us are guilty of behaving like the sociopath on occasion. And we are all guilty of behaving badly at times. If we were perfect in every moment, we wouldn’t be human.

So, it’s very important that we use the checklist for identifying a narcissistic sociopath to check ourselves, too.


Through educating ourselves and others about sociopathic and other pathological behavior patterns and traits, we tend to be more mindful of what we say and do and how we could possibly affect others in a negative way.

By being more self-aware and more willing to face our personal flaws, we become better friends, wives, husbands, co-workers and all-around better people.

None of us wants to hurt others. Now, knowing what we know of sociopaths, we have the tools to help us avoid harming others in all of our relationships.


(Image source: The Keep-Calm-O-Matic)

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  1. I am a male 29 yrs old and what got my attention is how much focus u put on the sociopath being Male. Not once do u mention instances of the sociopath being female. It ruins this whole thing u are doing here cause I can tell u after cpl yrs of getting away from ex gf I am still having a very hard time recovering, I am no weak person but I find it more a hate page from ur end towards men or maybe one certain ‘man’ I don’t mean to offend but be realistic there is more women sociopaths who use the mirror thing u say to get away with being the ‘victim’ than women tend to ever mention on any blog, being a blog means ur audience is mainly women.
    Maybe makes it so much easier to get the view of all Male Sociopaths across the board? I do fully respect ur efforts on getting the word out though cause I never used to dream of the effects left for me to deal with, takes two to Tango so I don’t blame anyone just felt that had to be said, thanku for ur time


    • It’s not always easy to write in a gender neutral manner when the deepest harm to me has come from a male sociopath. I, by no means, think all abusers are male. I have been harmed by female abusers and believe female abusers are equally harmful. This blog has served as a personal healing journey for me. I can’t apologize for it’s seemingly inability to serve everyone with every post. But as I continue to heal, expand and grow, my writing becomes more gender neutral. So I greatly appreciate your feedback. I do not wish to alienate or minimize the experience anyone, regardless of gender, from gaining some type of insight from this space. I’ll work harder to be more clear about this issue. 🙂


    • I understand you completely thank you for responding so quickly I wish you and ur blog all the best,


    • You’re welcome. Thank you, too. 🙂


  2. This is so great Paula because you give us a way to put the power where we do have some control, over our own lives. Thank you! xoxo


    • Yes, Linda!! That’s exactly the thing. We empower ourselves, and through self-empowerment all things are possible and able to be overcome. 🙂


  3. Good point!


  4. Hi Paula, I just sent you a message via your “contact me” page. 🙂


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