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Letting go of perfect. ~Paula Carrasquillo

Letting go of perfect ~Paula Carrasquillo

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“Find the source of your perfectionism and open the door to your true potential.”

“Most of my adult life I was a perfectionist. I allowed myself very little wiggle room when it came to making mistakes. My perfectionism led to little mistakes becoming huge mistakes and little victories becoming completely diminished in my mind. I beat myself up over bad stuff and never gave myself any credit for the good stuff I created. Thankfully, I now understand the source of my destructive perfectionistic thinking, and it has made all of the difference in finding my path in life.” Read more…

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  1. What a journey! I am in bewildered awe that you were able to achieve this as I still struggle. I just started reading Ashley Judd’s Book: All That is Bitter and Sweet and I see so much of myself in her, mainly her early years. Like Ashley, I try to be perfect and compartmentalize everything.

    Back in 2006 I realized I needed to let go if I wanted to be happy. I would be really good to myself, for a while anyway and then fall back into my bad habits, again. I tend to go through peaks and valleys where I ease off myself and then bam! wind up falling back into my old “perfectionism” habits. I’m aware of my behavior and Ashley’s book is really allowing me to focus again as well as realize that “perfectionism” is a form of self-abuse.

    Did you read any books or anything to help you or was this your own journey and path of self discovery?



    • GiRRL_Earth,

      I can’t pinpoint a specific book or movie or documentary that I read or experienced which guided me to my epiphany. It was truly a combination of many things along my journey, the least of which was my yoga practice and the feedback I received on this blog.

      I, too, struggled for a long time through the peaks and valleys of what I “thought” was a path to healing. I discovered I was fooling myself because I wasn’t REALLY letting go. I continued to harbor resentments and frustrations. Why? I don’t know why.

      I was finally able to let go of my fears and doubts through yoga. Facing myself and all of my imperfections in the yoga studio couldn’t be avoided. I also had some great teachers. From there, I vowed to never look back. I became determined NEVER to allow my life to be compromised again by my self-destructive thinking and behavior patterns.

      I LOVE Ashley Judd! I am not surprised that she suffered from perfectionism, too. I should grab her book and read it.

      If you want to change bad enough, you can. What have we got to lose!!??!! XOXO


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