inspiring blog award I’m normally not one who gets excited about blog awards only because they require work. Hehe! But I received two in the past two days and wanted to share.

The first one, Inspiring Blog Award, came on Thursday from Kellie Jo at Verbal Abuse Journals. She is very inspiring herself. She recently started a nonprofit dedicated to raising funds to help men and women victims and survivors of domestic violence and intimate partner abuse. Her organization is called The Emergency Fund.

All this time it was him and not me?The second award, The Missy Blog Award, came from Ivonne at Sex, Spirit, Soul Mates and Chocolate….Ivonne’s Journey blog. Ivonne decided to use her creativity and create the award which is dedicated to recognizing “those bloggers who support and advocate for animals either in the blog as a whole or a blog post.  They can be animal lovers, vegetarian,vegan, rescue workers, doesn’t matter it’s all about the animals.”

She selected me because I sometimes post cute images of animals (like the one to the left) or write about animals, like this post and this post. I also (and she didn’t know this) volunteer at my local animal shelter and repost status updates by my friends dedicated to animal rights. There is no excuse for abuse of any kind, and it’s usually the same human abusers who abuse animals. It’s all connected.

I’d like to take this opportunity to also mention that I despise pet owners who use their animals as tools to control others. Not all pet owners are animals lovers. They may claim to love animals but it’s a big ruse to control people and SEEM like animal lovers. They love what their animals can do for them. Animals can’t tell them they are douche bags. Animals are dependent on their owners, even the jerk owners. These jerk owners enjoy using their animals to force people to behave in certain ways and control everything and everyone, including children. They use their animals to inflict abuse. So, screw you assholes! You aren’t fooling me. Give your animals to people who appreciate them for being independent beings, not as things you can force to love you and control while using them to control others. If your pet could talk, it would probably tell you what an asshole you are. Asshole. 🙂


(I tried uploading the Missy Award image, but couldn’t. My computer is acting wonky this morning.) 

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