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More and more victims/survivors are getting sick and tired of being shut down by ignorance and injustice. They’re speaking out and writing. Find out how and where by reading my latest story published to The Washington Times Communities:

Domestic Violence Victims are Speaking Out, Handing Out a Dose of Reality

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  1. […] But lately I’ve been thinking myself pretty clever for telling a friend of mine, after thanking me for taking time out of my troubles to listen and act on hers (she has to leave her home in Ireland for 10 weeks before she is allowed to return, maybe, so she’s staying with me), and I remarked, if we all put our shit together it will become manure, and thus useful. It still stinks, but something beautiful can grow from it. So I should share the shit so the pile can become useful. There are a lot of contributors. […]


  2. I cannot express my gratitude enough for the online information, chats and blogs written by those who’ve experienced this abuse and by all of the experts in the fields of psychology focusing on the sociopathic entity and how it shows up, how to deal with the insanity, how to get free, and how to heal. Every single person who writes something about the truth is so incredibly helpful. When I first started realizing that I was indeed married to a narcissistic sociopath, I started looking online to get information. The very first site I opened had the very comforting and amazing statement written at the top of the page in big pink letters, “YOU ARE NOT CRAZY”. I went from there gathering information for a whole year following every bit of sane and compassionate advice I could find. So, THANK YOU, Paula for writing the article in the paper and for sharing it with us here. And for continuing this blog. And thank you for all the people who are responding here and online on other sites. I will be looking into the for sure!


    • Great reply to Paula’s blog. I so agree with you that learning what others have gone through can give one so much strength. It also helps us understand ourselves and our decisions, rather than blaming ourselves. I have found Paula’s words to be very inspiring. Good luck on your journey!


    • Thank you Kimberly! And thank you for being on the journey with me. I had a dream once when I first was with the sociopath that was pretty scary. It involved being attacked unmercifully by an abusive crazy man. But, the ending was that all the women gathered, hundreds of us. We circled up together and formed ourselves in such a way as to end the abuse of this vicious monster. I think that’s what is happening now on so many levels both personally and spiritually with humanity now. Gather the women, and the men who are kind and real and supportive to say NO MORE. It is our inherent birthright to be treated with dignity, honor and respect. It is the destiny of humanity to love. The sociopathic, narcisstic, abusive behavior can no longer be tolerated! Thank you for joining me and thank you Paula for heading up this blog. We DO have strength in numbers.


    • I love that dream, Linda! I think it’s happening, too. 🙂


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