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Maryland State’s Attorney’s office protects “intimate” rapists.

Help Angela and other rape victims receive the justice they deserve. We need to empower ourselves to be heard and not fear speaking out against this evil. There is something wrong with a society that keeps blaming the victim and forcing the victim to change and forcing the victim to prevent crimes against them from happening.

A crime has been committed, and it seems the perpetrator is getting off in more ways than one. WTF is wrong with us?

The Washington Times Communities: Maryland State’s Attorney’s office protects “intimate” rapists.

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  1. Keep speaking out about this…stay strong!


  2. rape is rape ….should be dealt with accordingly


  3. This makes me sick. It’s the same thing I was told when I looked into laying charges against one of the people who raped me. “It’s he said, she said” I didn’t pursue because of it…now I’m second guessing my choice. sigh


    • It’s shameful. I keep hearing the same story from others. It’s as if these prosecutors don’t want to do their jobs. It’s as if they fear others will come forward and demand justice, too. It makes no sense!


    • it truly doesn’t why are we the ones guilty until proven innocent??


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