You know you want to know how to make a treasure pouch! Don’t ya?!

My son wants to be a teacher one day. He likes helping his friends and family learn new things. His latest fascination is origami! This was his first and only take. A big improvement from his “How to tie your shoes” instructional video from a few months ago.

Thanks for viewing! I’ll ask him to comment directly if anyone chooses to comment.

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  1. I’m way behind in my post reading so I apologize, but you are one amazing young man, and I will definitely be watching for more of your work.


  2. Love this, Armando! I will try it with my kids this weekend! Do you think a 3 year old ca learn it?


  3. Hi there! I watched your clip on youtube and LIKED it…and now I’m LIKING it here!
    Just a great job of showing how to do it! Keep learning.


  4. So cool! What is he going to put in it??


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