Social media heals. Pass it on.We know this to be true, right? Read the latest Washington Times Communities article in my column Living Inside Out Loud. Comment, share, and pass it along. Namaste!

Can Facebook help us heal?

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  1. An excellent article, Paula! Well written and so very true! Xoxo


  2. I know this to be true, and it is the reading as much as the writing. I simply typed “domestic violence” into the topic search bar and found some peace in the violence. I haven’t looked back.


    • It’s really that easy. That’s going to be part of my next story about how to find the support you need and how easy it is to find. I don’t think many are even aware that nothing is hidden; you just need to know where to look. 🙂


    • It cascades. Once I started liking, and commenting, I found more writers to read. When I agreed with a comment, or was curious to know more about where a commenter was coming from, I could read their work and about them, and many times I found new blogs to follow, which then turned into new followers.
      What I have found in the last six months is, we have a corner of WordPress that is all ours, and tho it is open to anyone and everyone, if someone gets ignorant, there are a dozen supporters ready to educate or eradicate the meanie.


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