The Woman's Guardian AngelThe abuse of her son at the hands of the boy surely couldn’t be topped. Could it?  Will the woman ever get the courage to leave? Will the boy ever be convinced that he is the one with the problem and stop blaming others for his misery?

Discover more of the dirty, mind-bending tricks the boy enjoys performing. Pick up where you left off, readers, or start from the beginning if you’re just joining the story.


The Birth and Evolution of a Narcissistic Sociopath

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  1. It is like im reading about my ex. It sends chills down my spine right down to the preganancy and all. the whole thing. Even though its finally over I cant believe how much it affected everything about me.


    • So many woman have sent me private messages expressing the same thing! It’s amazing how just sharing this horror helps in so many ways. And, yes, experiencing it changes us. We need to choose the positive path and not let monsters like this bring us to their level. It’s been difficult revisiting the experience through the story, but I’m purging the hate. It’s nearly finished. Thanks for your comment.


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