Crazy womanIf you discovered that the great, new guy you are dating has been engaged, married, divorced, and then engaged two more times all in the course of 5 short years, would you still think he was a catch? What if his ex-girlfriend contacted and advised you to get an STD exam? Would you still think he was the man of your dreams, The One, the love of your life…?

If you said “yes,” you’re not on the crazy train alone, My Dear. Most women ignore warnings about their current flame from friends, family members, and past GFs. Is it because we want to believe the fairytale or because we don’t want to believe we chose the wrong guy, AGAIN!?!?

Whatever it is, we need to stop and think. As women, we need to trust each other and help each other.


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  1. I don’t date as much as when I was younger. I have learned to look for red flags. Working in domestic violence and sexual assault certainly helped.

    We have to be careful who we surround ourselves with. It goes for any relationship and even jobs. I don’t mean in a paranoid sort of way, but I now choose my relationships and my freelance work based on whether or not I like the person or people involved. I have several wonderful relationships and some steady work. That is enough for me.

    There is nothing wrong with burning bridges and letting go of negative people. I have found life to better when I am not afraid to say no or to be wrong AGAIN! 🙂
    Great post.


    • Yes, burning bridges can be good if you are doing it to protect yourself from toxic situations. I think it is a VERY difficult thing to do if you have NEVER had to do it before, however. It’s like a rite of passage into an new awareness.


    • Right! If anything, we are here to learn how to do that. Most emotional growth is difficult, but I am glad to be on the other side and growing.


  2. So true!!!!!!!!!! You know, my ex called us all his soulmates. Unreal.


  3. Sorry that was from me Loriana Sexinmiami


  4. I love it!! Its as if we dated one person . Right down to the exact phrases he said.
    Even the kissing one. LOL .
    There is one thing that gives me peace. Knowing that he will never be happy ever.
    he was misrable then and he still is the same. Most recent email started like this
    “I wake up everyday and want to die” lol
    I would never be with him again it dosent matter if he sent 100 emails a day. The thought that he ever touched me makes my skin crawl.


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