Not me in the image. :)

Not me in the image. 🙂

My challenge begins on Wednesday, February 1. In 30 days, I am challenging myself to practice yoga 30 times. I can go everyday for 30 days or double-up on some days, so I can have a day of rest occasionally. (I have never practiced twice in one day; this may be the month I try.)

In preparation, I want to do the following:

  1. Setup a calendar reminder for each day, so I remember to eat. (I sometimes get really busy during the day and forget to eat lunch. If I wait too long, I can’t eat until AFTER yoga. (Bikram instructors recommend that you eat 2-4 hours prior to your daily practice.)
  2. Get a pedicure. (Hey, it’s important to have clean and polished feet to present to your fellow yogis. Plus, it helps to keep your mat fresh.)
  3. Bathe my mat. (I want to give my mat a thorough scrub before Wednesday. It’s kind of like the clean sheet thing–it just feels good AND it’s healthy.)
  4. Buy tea tree oil and a spray bottle. (A tea tree oil and water concoction will be sprayed on my mat after each use; it’s a green and friendly solution to keeping your mat fresh.)
  5. Pack a clean change of yoga clothes and towel in my car for spur-of-the-moment decisions to go to the yoga studio. (I generally do not practice during the day. I go in the evenings after picking up my son from school. He hangs out with his daddy while I sweat for 90 minutes. I’d like to go during the day a few times if my schedule permits to give my husband some relief. He’s busy, too.)
  6. Learn about the energy and resonance of the number 16. (I have always been facsinated by numbers and what they mean and how I am affected by different numbers during different stages/years of my life. So, after I signed up for the challenge, I discovered I am #16 on the challenge board. My wedding was on the October 16. I’ve never been moved to look up 16 for some reason, but now I am.  Here is what I found.
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  3. I think 16 as 4 squared. 4 is a very grounding, earth-centered number, balance, totality.


    • Hopefully, the grounding will help me meet my challenge goal and make my marriage stronger as time passes. Thank you for sharing this nugget.


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