Wow! SocialStudiesDC posted this today. Too hilarious! DC is filled with mindless talk like this. (And there ARE men in this city who speak with this James Spader Less Than Zero/Pretty In Pink faux-riche attitude, what I refer to as “Nasal Snobbery”).

I would have thrown more acronyms in the mix and mentioned Dupont Circle and its “Amazing!” architecture (puke), but overall, it’s on point.

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  1. I too feel frustrated with the exaggeratedly materialistic mindset pervading people, especially in mainstream media and commercial venues. I am emotionally & spiritually sickened by this, it overwhelms me so. Burning newspapers (ads in the livingroom?!) to start kindling in the stove, I avert my gaze as to spare myself anymore saddness and rage in the place I call home. How not to be defined by something that forgets SPIRIT? How can I re-create myself independently from what your comments allude to? The Chinese have a saying; “The cultural halo is hollow. I know very well what I should be doing.” Hup…time to go milk the goats!


    • Instead of valuing people, ourselves, and what we can give to ourselves and each other, so many value objects and ideas of objects: watches, clothes, cars, bikes, computers, houses, etc. I need to work in order to be fed and have a roof over my head. But the rest is extra. I crave connection, understanding and love. I am learning more and more every day how to give those things more generously and more frequently. I am also realizing (sadly) that some people will try to crush me and these things that I have to offer. Our world has become so selfish.


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