Blowing BubblesThe past few times I have taken my 3-year-old son shopping with me, I have witnessed something quite remarkable: people genuinely want to be happy; they just need a little prodding.

Each time I take my son shopping, I place him in the front of the shopping cart. As we move through the store, he waves and says a quick and enthusiastic “Hi!” to each person passing. The odd thing is that before his outbursts, most of the people aren’t even looking at us and definitely aren’t smiling. But as soon as his voice reaches them, they all look toward us immediately and form a smile. 

We get responses like “Well, hi!” or “How are you?” My son might explain a toy he’s playing with or mention the fact that Momma ran out of gas today. Whatever it is he says, everyone who interacts with him for those brief moments seems to be happier than they were before.

My advice: ditch the stroller and let your kids interact with the world because their joy has a natural magnetic effect on others and everyone could use more joy these days; don’t you think?

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  1. So true… While on Thanksgiving holiday at the FL panhandle beach, in the condo elevator, my 3 year old prances into the car and says to the grizzled, dour looking retirement age guy “Hello, my name is Jesse!” and the guy’s face totally changes and he began to talk to my daughter with a big smile on his face. I ended up talking to him for over an hour and would have done some business (as an aside) if he was in my state of license! So, yes, kids are so unfazed by social norms at young ages, its fun.


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